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I am a self taught professional artist from Ipswich, Suffolk, UK and I would like to thank you for visiting my online shop and gallery











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Avro Lancaster Dambusters painting limited edition signed print by aviation artist Matthew Emeny. Visit store at 'Fighting Cock meets a Bear'

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Clipped Wing Spitfire P-51D ROCCO - Waternarked



This, my most recent painting features two A-10's in formation over RAF Bentwaters returning from a mission in 1986: 81st TFW Wing commander William A. Studer (tail #1981) and wingman from 510th Fighter Sqn Captain Andy Doyle (tail #1966). They have broken out of pattern to allow two other hogs to take off on a local training exercise and are asked to climb above the traffic and re-enter a couple of miles away due to the traffic conflict


The sponsor is donating the painting to the Bentwaters Cold War Museum




250 limited edition prints are available in total produced from the original painting. Each print is signed, numbered, dated and accompanied by a detailed certificate of authenticity.







painting (4) Original Painting & Print Signing Limited Edition Print OPERATION HAMMER

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The making of 'Thunderbolts over Bentwaters

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