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£1150 (ono) - An opportunity to own this special original painting created to pay tribute to the retirement of the RAF Tornado. The painting was completed February 2019, the month before the official retirement. The painting is also signed by four Tornado pilots, each of which are very significant.

*** IMPORTANT: Please read all details before purchasing ***

(Latin for "Tonka Tributes")


GR1 ZA586 - The first Tornado delivered into squadron service with IX (B) Squadron

GR4 ZD716 - With special 31 Squadron Retirement 'Gold Star' scheme


Squadron Leader Mike Stephens tragically lost his life when ZA586 crashed on the 27th September 1983 on the Sandringham Estate at Wolferton. The painting is therefore also a tribute to Stephens


Tony "Pax" Paxton: Flew ZA586 several times which was the first GR1 delivered into squadron service with IX (B) Squadron. He also flew ZD716 with 31 Squadron

Wing Commander M Bressani: No.31 Squadron OC. His name appears on the side of ZD716

Flight Lieutenant N Shawyer: No.31 Squadron, also has his name on the side of ZD716 and flew the last jet back from Akrotiri

Flight Lieutenant C Stradling: No.31 Squadron. Flew the last jet back from Akrotiri with N Shawyer. Stradling also achieved an amazing 6000 hours of Tornado fliying time


Medium: Watercolour
Size: 723 x 533mm / 28.5 x 21".
Included: Detailed certificate of authenticity

Framing is a very personal/individual choice and therefore the painting is unframed. Also, due to the heavy weight paper used, it is not possible to roll the painting for shipping. For this reason the painting is only available to UK  based customers and I will hand deliver directly myself. Delivery charge will be calculated based upon location.

If you are based in the UK and would like to purchase this painting, then in the first instance please email me with the town that the painting would be delivered to so I can provide you with a delivery price. Once agreed the delivery charge will be added to the  options at checkout for you to select from in order to finalise your purchase.
EMAIL: [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding this print that you would like to ask me, then please do not hesitate to contact me directly via the email address link below



Prints are allocated to customers in sequence.


It is sometimes possible to request a particular print number if it is available. However, this is not always an available option for editions of smaller quantities.


If there is a particular numbered print you would like, then please email me at the address below and I will confirm either way.

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